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16 Hypothèses pour le futur

Le temps se mettra au froid

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Klare Aussage: Actually, the world isn't warming
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en Predictions
fr Prévisions


Kälte bis mindestens 2040
en Cold until at least 2040
fr Froid jusqu'à au moins 2040

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Sonne Little Ice Age
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PDO = Pacific Decadal Oscillation
AGU = American Geophysical Union

UPDATE! Professor Easterbrook adds in comments:

"The projected warming from ~2040 to ~2070 is NOT driven by CO2, it's merely a continuation of warm/cool cycles over the past 500 years, long before man-made CO2 could have been a factor.

We've been warming up from the Little Ice Age at rate of about 1 degree or so per century and the 2040-70 projection is simply a continuation of non-AGW cycles.

An interesting question is the similarity between what we are seeing now with sun spots and global temperature and the drop into the Little Ice Age from the Medieval Warm Period.

Could we be about to repeat that? - Only time will tell

We might see a more pronounced cool period like the 1880 to 1910 cool cycle (when many temp records were set) or a milder cooling like the 1945-1977 cool cycle.

In any case, the setting up of the cool phase of the PDO seems to suggest cooler times ahead, not the catastrophic warming predicted by IPCC and Al Gore."


en Coldest Weather in 100 Years to Strike by 2012
Warning to the American people and their leadership in Washington

en SSRC - Space & Science Research, Orlando, Florida:

... continuation:

de Klima- Katastrophenpause
en Global warming may 'stop'
en Predicting 21st Century Global Warming with the 1,500-year Climate Cycle
fr Préparons nous au refroidissement!
Theodor Landscheidt
Theodor Landscheidt (10.3.1927 - 19.5.2004) 
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(10.3.1927 - 19.5.2004)
Dr, Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dr. Theodor Landscheidt (1927-2004)

166-Jahreszyklus der Sonnenfleckenaktivität
en 166 Year Cycle
fr Cycles 166 ans

166-Jahreszyklus der Sonnenfleckenaktivität 
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 Irregular oscillation of the sun
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Dr. Theodor Landscheidt: Solar Activity Controls El Niño and La Niña


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de Aus der Panik-Küche en From the panic laboratory fr De la marmite des alarmistes

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      120 x 120 Pixel Inconvenient Truth for Al Gore

En contradiction

1975: "Global Cooling"

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Inaccuracies in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth


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