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⬆1. 4. 16 Die Auswirkungen des Klimas auf die Biosphäre

1.4.16 Auswirkungen des Klimas Teil IV
en Effects of Climate Change Part IV
fr Conséquences du changement climatique Partie IV


de Teil III en Part III fr Partie III


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World Food Supply
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1 Auswirkungen des Klimas auf die Biosphäre der Erde
en Climate immpacts on the bioshphere of the earth
fr Impacte du climat sur la biosphère de la terre

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      120 x 120 Pixel Mogeln, tricksen, täuschen - Bei Harald Lesch sind Hopfen (und Malz) verloren


Pflanzendünger / Plant Food


Auswirkungen der CO2-Konzentration auf das Pflanzenwachstum
en Impact of the CO2-Concentration on the plant growth
fr Impacte de la concentration du CO2 sur la croissance des plantes

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      50 x 50 Pixel Is CO2 Plant Food?
More CO2 in the air means more plant growth.
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Isolated for 42 days in chambers of ambient and elevated CO2 concentrations, we periodically document the growth of cowpea plants (Vigna unguiculata) via time-lapse photography.

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      50 x 50 Pixel Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet
Over the past three decades, our planet has gotten greener!
Even stranger, the greening of the planet in recent decades appears to be happening because of, not despite, our reliance on fossil fuels.
While environmentalists often talk about how bad stuff like CO2 causes bad things to happen like global warming, it turns out that the plants aren't complaining.

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      50 x 50 Pixel The giver of life
This is a short description of the process of photosynthesis and how the carbon dioxide molecule gives us life as well as heat
Photosynthese - Strahlung
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The graphs show how the rate of photosynthesis varies with irradiance, the three experiments differing only in the concentration of CO2.

The lowest graph is that for a CO2 concentration of 0.03%, much as it is at this time [actually ~385 ppmv or 0.0385%].

In the early part of the graph the rate of the reaction is related almost directly to the amount of irradiance, but the rate falls off at higher irradiances and eventually levels off.

This tells us that at higher irradiances it is the concentration of CO2 that limits the reaction rate, there is sufficient light falling on the leaves, but the requirement for more CO2 is the limiting factor.

We strongly object to CO2 being regarded as a pollutant; it is the giver of life and we all depend upon its chemical and radiative properties.



Steigender CO2-Gehalt erhöht weltweit landwirtschaftliche Erträge
en Impact of the CO2-Concentration on the plant growth