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⬆5. 1. 3 Ursache/Cause

5.1.3 Ursache der neuen Kälteperiode
en Cause of the new cold period
fr La cause d'une nouvelle periode froide

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Oh. I always though the main controller of climate was number of mobile telephone calls per annum, since the correlation between temperature and phone use (nay, TV's if we include the 1930's - present) has increased since temperatures began to rise as a correlation to the use of these instruments' increase.

Since the ghg's are an unreliable source of climate forcing, particlarly CO2, due to its peripheral-non-existent magnitude on the climate, then by a process of elimination, it MUST be the correlation between temperature and increasing use of TV's and phones.

I'm working on a model that will conclusively and indisputably show that the sharp increase in the numbers of crooked politicians and activist scientists is unequivocally responsible for the earth warming :).

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Computer generated model of Earth's temperature control knob
Earth Temp Knob
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The first step should be to demonstrate that the models can predict the past climate of the earth.

What would be interesting, for example, would be to see a climate model which can prove or disprove the existence of the MWP and explain its cause, or lack of existence.

(If anyone knows of such a model validation, please let me know).


Using climate models which have been tuned for high sensitivity to carbon dioxide, it has been found that climate models have a high sensitivity to carbon dioxide. That's SCIENCE!

Boy, is the sun going to be disappointed, all this time it thought it had the most input.

Plants and oceans "condense" CO2 constantly and abundantly. What planet are these guys on?

Not more climate model evidence. These people have just proved that they are not scientists.

It is truly amazing how "reputable" journals accept from some few selected fellows their trivial hypothesis and publish as a scientific paper.
This clearly demonstrates that the "peer review" system is corrupt.
Poor Gavin spends most of his time on Real Climate site and other fun activities and has no time for comprehensive research that we, all taxpayers, are expecting from him. The references to Fourier, Tyndall and Arrhenius look kind of sad... Is it time for us to stop paying these gentlemen their six figure salaries?

One word applies: Garbage



1 Gründe des Stillstands der globalen Erwärmung
en Cause of 'the pause' in global warming
fr Cause de l'arrêt du réchauffement


2 Der Einfluss der Sonne auf das Klima
en The influence of the sun on the climate
fr L'influence du soleil sur le climat

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de Die Sonnenaktivität steuert die Kosmischen Strahlen und dadurch die Wolkenbildung.

Mehr Sonnenaktivität → weniger Wolken → es wird wärmer.

en The sun is influencing the cosmic rays and therefore the clouds cover.

More solar activity → less clouds → warmer Earth.

fr Le Soleil influence les rayons cosmiques est par cela les nuages sur la terre.

Augmentation de l'activité solaire → moins de nuages → réchauffement de la terre.

de Mehr Sonnenaktivität → weniger Wolken → es wird wärmer.

de Mehr Sonnenaktivität → weniger Wolken → es wird wärmer.

Bei grosser Sonnenaktivität erreicht weniger Kosmische Strahlung die Erde.

Mit weniger Kosmischer Strahlung werden weniger Wolken auf der Erde gebildet.

Weniger Wolken lassen mehr Sonnenstrahlung auf die Erde, womit sich die Erde erwärmt.

en More solar activity → less clouds → warmer Earth.

A stronger wind from greater solar activity will reduce the flux of cosmic ray reaching Earth.

Less cosmic rays means less cloud cover on the earth.

Less cloud cover influences the terrestrial climate by higher solar radiation.

fr Augmentation de l'activité solaire → moins de nuages → réchauffement de la terre.

Une augmentation de l'activité solaire a comme effet une réduction du flux de rayons cosmiques atteignant la terre.

Moins de rayons cosmiques produisent moins de nuages sur la terre.

Moins de nuages laissent plus de rayons solaires réchauffer la terre.

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Sunspots Clouds
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de Seit längerem kursiert die Hypothese von Henrik Svensmark, nach der die sich Galaktische Kosmische Strahlung (Galactic Cosmic Rays, GCR), die von dem sich verändernden Sonnenmagnetfeld mehr oder weniger stark von der Erde ferngehalten wird, die Wolkenbildung in der Erdatmosphäre und damit das Klima beeinflußt.

en I've reported several times at WUWT on the galactic cosmic ray theory proposed by Henrik Svensmark which suggests that changes in the sun's magnetic field modulate the density of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) which in turn seed cloud formation on Earth, which changes the albedo/reflectivity to affect Earth's energy balance and hence global climate.

de Die Klimaänderungen werden von der Sonne verursacht.

en Cosmic Rays and Climate

fr Lien entre les rayons cosmiques, l'activité solaire et le climat terrestre.


3 Klima in der Zukunft
en Climate in the future
fr Climat au futur

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